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Do Cats Really Have Nine Lives?


In short, no, cats don’t really have nine lives. Cats are very agile creatures. They are smart, quick in action, and have the ability to bounce from some crazy illnesses and injuries. When people say the cat has nine lives it’s usually because the cat has recently miraculously survived a life threatening incident. For instance, when cats find themselves stuck in a tree or on a high rooftop, you would think they’d need help getting down. Some cats actually do, but others simply jump straight down or to lower levels until they reach the ground. It looks like a miracle, but it’s actually a result of the cat’s reflexes, agility, and ability to judge depth and know where it’s feet are when landing. A cat’s remarkable abilities doesn’t make him immortal, however. Protect your cat, keep him updated on vaccines and visit with your Isle of Palms, SC veterinarian.  Learn more here.

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