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Cleaning Your Chinchilla

Chinchillas are desert-dwelling creatures.Thus your chinchilla will prefer dust baths instead of traditional water baths. He could become really frightened if you try to dunk him in water. You can purchase chinchilla sand from a reputable pet store. Chinchilla sand is coarse so that it won’t create dust that can cause respiratory issues. Consider buying a chinchilla dust bath or you can use a shallow plastic container as a bath. Put an inch or two of chinchilla sand in the container.Then place the bath into your pet’s cage. Hopefully your chinchilla will jump right in and roll around. If he doesn’t, remove it after about fifteen minutes since he might start using it as a litter box. Just try again another time. Eventually your chinchilla will enjoy the dust bath. Offer the dust bath to your chinchilla several times a week.This can keep him clean and shiny. For more information, ask your reputed vets Ellicott City MD.

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