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Chartreux Cats and Dental Exams

If you own a cat like the Chartreux that means that he should see his veterinary dentist on a routine basis. Cats can develop a variety of teeth and gum issues including gingivitis. If your cat is having trouble chewing, has extremely bad breath on a constant basis, or has inflamed gums then he may have some type of gum disease or dental issues going on. The best way to determine this is to schedule a dental exam. During the exam your vet will most likely sedate your cat and then examine the teeth. He can scrape the tartar and plaque from the teeth and give them a good polish. He can also pull any decaying teeth and treat infections in the process. After an initial visit, your Riverbend, ON veterinarian may recommend a professional teeth cleaning for your cat every six months to a year. To learn more, click this link:

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