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Azawakh Colors

The Azawakh sight hound was developed in West Africa as a guardian of livestock. His sleek frame and build gives him the ability to move with ease and quickness. The colors of the Azawakh also help him to blend in with his surroundings so that he can come up on predators or prey without being noticed. Common colors include clear sand coloring, dark fawn, dark brown, red and brindle (with or without a dark mask) with white stockings and white on all four feet, along with a white bib, white tail tip. Colors still around in Africa include blue fawn or lilac cast, grizzle, and occasional blue and black coats with markings. The American Kennel Club accepts all colors found in the Azawakh both in the U.S. and the breed colors out of Africa. The breed is said to resemble the Persian Greyhound. For more information, talk with your Conyers, GA veterinary clinic.

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