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Appropriate Toys for Your Cat

For your cat’s continued physical and mental health, schedule a dedicated playtime with you daily. Also provide her with access to toys all day to keep her busy. This keeps her mentally stimulated and staves off boredom. Toy play provides exercise to keep your cat trim and keeps her joints and muscles healthy. Select toys to stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts. A ball, laser pointer, or fishing rod toy with a feather lure will entice your cat to chase, pounce and leap. Your cat may enjoy batting around toy mice or crinkly toys. Catnip-filled toys can make your cat run and play like crazy. Select cat-safe toys. Look for toys that won’t put her at risk for strangulation because of loose strings. Check that there aren’t any parts that could break off and present a choking hazard. Most importantly, have fun. Learn more from your Farmers Branch, TX veterinary clinic.

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