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Aggressive Behavior In Pet Reptiles

Unlike dogs and cats, reptiles have not been raised to be domesticated. While reptiles make excellent pets for some people, they are still wild animals.  There are reptiles being sold as pets which have been captured from the wild; there are also those that are captive-bred.

Pet reptile owners should keep in mind that the aggressive behavior of their pet is not aimed at them because even with regular handling, pet reptiles can react on instinct which is still very much strong. Understanding what triggered the attack is important to prevent future displays of aggressive behavior. Here are some important triggers of aggressive behavior among pet reptiles:

  1. In the presence of a potential threat
  2. Sudden noise or movements
  3. When there is a perceived threat to their territory. Reptiles are extremely territorial.
  4. Some species of reptiles have a reputation for being quick to display offensive aggressive behavior to perceived threat.
  5. Reptiles tend to display aggressive behavior especially during the mating season.

Talk to your veterinarian Saskatoon, Saskatchewan if you have any concerns about your pet’s behavior.

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