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A Rare Breed - The Chartreux Cat

The Chartreux is known for its blue coat, dense undercoat, wool like fur, and gold or copper eyes. This sturdy cat is rather muscular and broad shouldered with smaller, short fine boned legs. His eyes are round like the Persians and curve out at the corners. The breed made its way to France in the 16th century where it put down roots and established its breed. However, over time the breed became rare. In 1970 it was imported to the U.S. Breeders often send purebred Chartreux cats back to France to help repopulate the breed. A French couple tried outcrossing the breed with Persians and British Shorthairs to revive the breed, but developed the European shorthair instead. Finding a purebred Chartreux can be quite difficult now days although not impossible. For help finding a breeder, speak with your pet clinic Temecula, CA. You should also be prepared to pay a steep price.

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