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Most cat food manufacturers offer a line of foods that will meet the nutritional needs of your cat to match the different stages of her life. Kitten food is high in protein to support your cat’s developing brain and many calories and can contribute to obesity. Thus you will need to switch your cat to an adult formula food. You can feed her this food for most of her life but when she starts showing signs of aging, consider feeding your cat a mature or senior food. Some foods are formulated to manage particular health issues such as weight control, urinary issues or hairball control. Other foods are only available by prescription. Switch foods gradually over time to avoid digestive issues. Start with just a bit of the new food and increase the ratio of new food with the old food over about a week until the switch is complete. For ... Read more »

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There are a number of ways to keep the flies away from your horse. The most popular is a fly mask to protect the face and ears of a horse. Other popular solutions include fly spray and fly creams or ointments. Fly sprays should be equine friendly and contain ingredients to deter flies, ticks, fleas, etc. Pyrethrin and permethrin are two of the most common main ingredients in fly sprays. All natural fly sprays are available as well. Finding the right one for your horse may just depend on trial and error. Different sprays working differently for various horses. In addition to sprays, creams or ointments such as SWAT can also keep flies at bay. Creams can be applied directly in the horse’s ears, along the body, legs, chest, underbelly, and even around the sheath or udders. The main ingredients in SWAT are Pyrethrins, Piperonyl Butoxide and Di-n-propyl Isocinchomeronate. Call your Mt. Airy, MD veterinary clinic for more information.

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