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If your veterinarian is placing your dog on medication for a diagnosed problem, be sure to follow his instructions very carefully. The effect of the medicine depends on many factors including how closely you give the exact dosage at the proper time. Here are some important things to remember when your dog is on medication:

  • If there is no one who can give the medicine to your dog on a specific time, you should discuss this concern with your veterinarian rather than skipping dosages or discontinue giving medications to your dog.
  • Get a refill at least a week before you are down to the last pill. Contact your veterinarian at least 2-3 day when you need to have your dog’s medications refilled.
  • Always double check the prescription when you pick up a refill of your pet’s medications. Don’t hesitate to ask your Chattanooga, ... Read more »
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Your dog most likely jumps up because he was encouraged to do so while he was a puppy. However, this isn’t fun at all now that your dog is fully grown. Thus you will need to dissuade your dog from jumping up on people and give him something more appropriate to do. Whenever your dog starts to jump up on you, turn around quickly so he falls to the floor. Don’t make a fuss but give him a treat and praise when all four feet are on the ground. Ask your family members and trusted guests to follow this same procedure. Soon your dog will get the message that jumping up on people is not okay. Anticipate when your dog may jump up and insist he sit by you. If he is sitting, he can’t be jumping up on people. Call your local pet clinic Brandon FL for more information.

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Dog training experts and professionals highly recommend positive reinforcement when training your pet. It does not only include handing out treats but also offering lots of praise, a belly rub, a pat on the head, or even some playtime. Knowing what’s in store will encourage your pooch to being consistent in exhibiting the desired behavior. However, you should know when to offer positive reinforcement and when to avoid reinforcing certain behaviors. Pet dogs should learn that any form of positive reinforcement should be earned. And how can you achieve this? Create situations in which your dog can earn a treat, such as giving obedience commands and seeing if he follows through. A bite of his favorite treat will surely condition your pooch to respond faster and with more eagerness to your commands. Talking to your pet clinic Chattanooga, TN will also go a long way in addressing any behavior problem.

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Turtles are generally low maintenance pets, and most have long lifespans provided they eat a nutritionally balanced diet and live in a clean and comfortable environment.

Some species of turtles, like the red-eared sliders, are omnivores, so they will need both animal and plant-based food in their daily ration. In general, the type of food that is given will depend on the species of the turtle. Thus, you should do your assignment, learn more about your pet’s dietary needs so you will be able to meet them appropriately. The basic diet of pet turtles include 25% commercial pellets, 25% insects or feeder fish, and 50% fruits and vegetables.

The pellets should be specially formulated for turtles because they don’t fall apart easily are made to float.

One of the most common feeder fish for pet turtles is the comet goldfish. It is an excell ... Read more »

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