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A pregnant cat needs all the care and attention that her owners can give to ensure an uneventful and successful pregnancy. But before we proceed any further, always remember that pregnancy in cats, and other types of pets, should be well-planned. If you have no plans of having your pet pregnant, you should have her spayed. This way, you won’t contribute to the increasing number of unwanted pets and overpopulation.

Precaution should be observed at all times when handling a pregnant cat. As much as possible avoid holding her by the tummy, unless you really need to. The abdomen of a pregnant cat tend to be ultra-sensitive, and exerting unnecessary pressure on this part can cause pain and discomfort. Also, the unborn kittens may be hurt when the pregnant cat slips out from your grip and falls to the floor. The proper way to pick up a pregnant cat is to position one of your hands on her behind and the other on her ch ... Read more »

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