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You have heard a lot of people talk about training their pets, but they are often talking about their canine companions when the subject comes up. Can you train a cat as well?

It is possible to teach your cat new things, but it will take a bit more effort than it typically would with a dog. Cats are generally less receptive to training, but persistence can really pay off. The trick is to find a way to train your cat that allows her to enjoy herself. This will usually be done by utilizing motivators she is sensitive to. This often means giving your pet treats and lots of repetition. Think about what skills you feel are important for your pet to have and then take the time to come up with a plan to teach these to her. Your local licensed Frisco TX veterinarians can offer additional guidance.

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Your cat needs to scratch on something in order to maintain her claws and you would rather that she left your furniture alone. How can you choose a product for her to scratch on?

You know your pet best and spend a lot of time with her. This means that you have likely noticed that she scratches in certain areas. Try to mimic these in a scratching product. There are vertical and horizontal products as well as a variety of different textures to choose from, so you should be able to find something that appeals to your little fur ball. It may even be beneficial to have a few items scattered throughout your home, particularly in areas where your pet usually scratches, to make it convenient for her to choose these items when the urge to scratch strikes her. For more information, please contact your local ... Read more »

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Your family will soon be adding a new member into the mix and you are eager to spend time with your little fur ball. How can you welcome a new pet into your home?

Your pet needs to know that this is her new home as well, so make sure it looks like it. Remove hazards that could be an issue for your pet and carve out some space for your new little fur ball to call her own. This will mean bringing some pet supplies into your living space and showing your pet where she can find what she needs and how she can use these items. Try to include your pet in any activities that you can so she will be able to feel the importance of her presence in your home. For more information, please contact your local Frisco, TX vet clinic. Visit their website ... Read more »

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