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Why your cat purrs

You can often hear your cat purring and you have grown to really enjoy this noise. Why does she purr?

Your cat’s purring may be a soothing noise to hear, but it actually serves a purpose in your pet’s life. At one time, purring would signal to your cat’s mother that your pet was satisfied and content. It was used to communicate with her mother to let her know she was well-cared for. Now, your pet may purr to let you know she is feeling great, to help her sink into a calm state of mind when she wants to relax a bit more, or to help soothe herself when she is feeling stressed out. She likely associates purring with the comfort of relaxing as a kitten, so she will utilize it to regain this feeling as an adult. Your local Marietta, GA vet clinic can help you better understand what your pet needs from you. Visit this website for more information and advice.

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