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What to Look for in Birds Having Seizures

Do you own a pet bird that you believe may be having seizures? The best way to find out if your bird is having a seizure is to record the symptoms and report them immediately to your vet. Your vet will most likely need to examine your bird and run tests to determine if any negative neurological activity is occurring. In most cases, seizures occur because of miscommunication in the brain. When this happens the bird may appear to be disoriented, have trouble hanging on to his perch, or even go into sporadic convulsions that could happen quickly or last for a few minutes. If your vet determines your bird is having seizures, he may run additional tests to find the trigger. In many cases an underlying illness is the cause. Treating the underlying illness can help stop the seizures. Talk with your Scottsdale, AZ veterinary clinic team for more information.

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