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What Causes Feline Bloat?

Contrary to popular belief, bloat is not a canine illness only. Bloat can also occur in cats. It can come on rapidly and can cause an extended abdomen or stomach. Bloat occurs when gas is trapped in the stomach forcing the stomach to expand. This expansion pushes against other organs causing a lack of blood flow. The pressure can cause a tear in the stomach lining, the stomach to twist, or a lack of blood flow to major organs which can cause shock. It is believed that stress, genetics, temperament, anxiety, aggression, eating habits such as rapid eating or rapid drinking or drinking and eating too quickly after play can cause bloat. In canines, bloat is common in dogs with a narrow or deep chest. In cats, it is seen in various breeds. It is also seen often in kittens. For more information about bloat in felines, contact your veterinary clinic Rochester, NY.

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