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Treating DM Dogs like the American Foxhound

DM stands for degenerative myelopathy and it is a non curable disease that affects the spinal cord and nerves of canines like the American Foxhound. This particular breed has been known to develop DM over the course of its lifetime. This does not mean that all American Foxhounds will get DM. It’s good to know about the disease and how to treat it if you own this breed or one of the several other breeds that DM has affected (i.e. Corgis, Yorkies, German Shepherd, etc.). Although there is no cure for DM and the way it causes numbness and loss of mobility in the back or hind end of dogs, there are different treatments available that may help prolong mobility and keep your dog comfortable. Physiotherapy and intense precision muscular supportive care can help prolong use of muscles. Physical therapy can delay muscle deterioration and build strength for some dogs. Ask your Lafayette, LA veterinarian for more details.

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