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Things To Remember If Your Dog Is On Medication

If your veterinarian is placing your dog on medication for a diagnosed problem, be sure to follow his instructions very carefully. The effect of the medicine depends on many factors including how closely you give the exact dosage at the proper time. Here are some important things to remember when your dog is on medication:

  • If there is no one who can give the medicine to your dog on a specific time, you should discuss this concern with your veterinarian rather than skipping dosages or discontinue giving medications to your dog.
  • Get a refill at least a week before you are down to the last pill. Contact your veterinarian at least 2-3 day when you need to have your dog’s medications refilled.
  • Always double check the prescription when you pick up a refill of your pet’s medications. Don’t hesitate to ask your Chattanooga, TN vet clinic staff if you notice a change, in the size or color of the capsule or tablet.

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