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Simple Ways to Keep Your Kitty Happy

Cats are known for their curious streak. But they are also playful and full of energy. Thus, they need lots of opportunities where they can derive physical and mental stimulation so they won’t get bored and become prone to developing undesirable habits. Although cats are known to sleep more than 16 hours a day, they need to burn excess energy via positive avenues that encourage natural behaviors. Also, engaging in activities that provide mental stimulation can prevent or delay the rate by which cognitive dysfunction develops.

When cats become bored as a result of lack of mental and physical stimulation, they can easily develop negative behaviors that can be a challenge to address. They can engage in excessive meowing, potty accidents, and/or destructive behaviors. In addition to cat trees, you can also invest in kitty condos, a window perch, a sun porch, etc. You can also recycle things that your cat can play with such as paper bags, cardboard boxes, and empty rolls of tissue paper.

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