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Simple Tricks To Stop Your Dog’s Persistent Barking

Dogs bark, that’s for sure. It’s their primary way to communicate and connect with other dogs. However, excessive and persistent barking can certainly be annoying and a cause for concern. Here are some tricks to stop your pet’s annoying habit:


  •   Try to identify what is triggering your dog’s behavior and undertake steps to desensitize your dog do it. If he barks at passing dogs, ask a friend or two to walk by your house with their dog while you encourage your pet to keep quiet.


  •   Train your dog to respond to the ‘quiet’ command. Start by letting him bark 3-4 times, then command him to stop by saying ‘quiet’ in a firm and clear voice; do this while your are holding his muzzle gently. If he still tries to keep on barking, squirt some water on his face using a spray bottle.


  • You can also ask your Mt. Airy, MD vet about a bark collar that can be manually-controlled.

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