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Responsible Pet Ownership - What Is The "Greenest" Way To Have A Pet?

Did you know that the ‘greenest’ ways to have a new pet is to adopt one from the shelter? With pet shelters filled up with unwanted pets, getting one or two means freeing some space for more abandoned pets. Aside from these, there are other ways in achieving a ‘green’ pet ownership. These include:

  • Feeding a premium quality diet that is appropriate for your pet’s lifestage. Pet food products that are of low quality are filled with lots of animal by-products. Although, they may be priced significantly lower than premium pet food, what you save will eventually be used for visits to the vet when your pet suffers from certain health issues associated with poor nutrition. Thus, you should NEVER compromise quality for quantity when it comes to buying pet food for your pet.
  • Do your assignment and patronize only pet food manufacturers are that ‘go green’ advocates. Their products tend to have minimal amounts of hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, GMO crops, etc.

With so many brands and types of cat foods available commercially, it is recommended that you should consult your veterinarian Farmers Branch, TX when choosing the best food for your pet.

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