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Protecting Your Cat From Fleas

If your cat gets fleas she will scratch, chew and lick herself excessively. This can cause irritated skin and the loss of hair. Fleas also carry a number of diseases that can make your cat sick. Even if your cat stays indoors, she can get fleas. Fleas may hitch a ride into your home on other pets or your clothing. Fleas can also jump a great distance. Thus fleas on outdoor cats, squirrels or other wild animals may find their way inside. Brush or comb your cat frequently and check her for evidence of fleas and flea dirt. Protect your cat with a monthly flea prevention medication. If you discover fleas in your home, vacuum your home often. Avoid re-infesting your home by throwing the dirt outside. Wash any fabric item your cat may lie on especially her bed and yours. For more information, click here, or contact your Hyattsville, MD veterinarian.

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