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Probiotic Supplements for Shar Pei Dogs

Did you know that probiotic supplements are available for animals including dogs like the Shar Pei? Probiotics can be used to treat a variety of common illnesses and symptoms from illnesses. For instance, if your Shar Pei appears to be constipated, give your vet a call and discuss treatment with a probiotic. You want to make sure your talk with your vet to rule out illnesses. In many cases, however, constipation or even stomach upset can be a digestive problem. Probiotics gives the dog’s digestive system an extra boost of the good bacteria that helps breakdown food and properly send it through the digestive system. Probiotics can also help prevent or treat irritable bowel, and intestinal inflammation and in some cases urinary tract infections. You should talk with your vet about adding a probiotic to your dog’s daily diet. Daily supplements can help boost overall health. Talk with your Winnipeg, Manitoba vet to learn more. Schedule an appointment today!

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