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Managing Your Dog's Inappropriate Humping

You may feel embarrassed if your male dog humps dogs, other animals, furniture, stuffed animals or even people. This behavior is generally innocuous but you may feel more comfortable if he stopped doing that. Neutering your dog can dramatically reduce humping incidents. An anxious or overly excited dog may hump. Your dog may also hump when he is feeling aggressive or to show dominance. Physical exercise may stave off humping caused by boredom. You can safely ignore the occasional incident but if humping becomes more frequent or unpleasant, you need to deter your dog from this behavior. Never yell at your dog or punish him for excessive humping. Exercise and obedience training are the best methods to reduce humping. If your dog is tired, he is less likely to misbehave. Anticipate humping situations and get your dog under control. Redirect him with a toy or other activities. For more information, contact your Washington DC veterinarian. Set an appointment at this website Brentwood Animal Hospital.

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