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How to Prep Yourself for a Cat Show

Preparing your cat for a show is a big deal. Your cat will need to be bathed and groomed regularly and introduced to her show cage, etc. Show curtains, supplies, and more will need to be gathered and packed ahead of time. There’s lots to do and you can find a checklist for most of it through the website. But don’t forget to prep yourself as well. Make sure you study up on where your cat is to be shown. Visit the area ahead of time. Run through the logistics of where to set up your space for your cat, how to get to the show ring, etc. Check your show schedule. Verify your cat’s registration information. Visit a show ahead of time to take notes on how the competitors act and what they do. Take a copy of your cat’s medical records from your Marshall, TX veterinary clinic in case they are needed. Visit this site to know more.

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