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How Often to Take Your Guinea Pig to the Veterinarian

Guinea pigs are a form of pocket pet. They rarely go to the vet. Guinea pigs don’t require yearly wellness exams or vaccinations. However, it is advised that you take your guinea pig to the vet after purchasing. Your vet can help exam the guinea pig to ensure that it is healthy and ready to live in its new home. If the vet should find something wrong with the guinea pig, he can document it for you so that you can return the guinea pig or simply keep the documentation in the guinea pig’s medical file for future reference. Other times your guinea pig may need to go to the vet include if the guinea pig is injured or if the guinea pig appears to be coughing or sneezing. Pneumonia can attack guinea pigs quickly and requires immediate treatment. Always call your Conyers, GA veterinary clinic if your guinea pig appears to be sick.

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