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Feeding Tips For Adult Dogs

When it comes to feeding, a dog is classified as an adult when he has reached about 90% of the standard adult weight of his breed. As adults, they now have different nutritional needs from puppies, thus there is a need to switch from puppy food to a maintenance diet.

As puppies reach 6-7 months of age, most go through a growth plateau. However, large and giant dog breeds never seems to strop growing until 1-2 years of age.

If you have doubts about whether the pet food you are giving is appropriate for your dog, you can get practical answers just by looking at his body and hair coat. Having the right diet gives dogs glossy hair coats. They are also active and energetic. If your dog has a dull hair coat and seems to lack energy, try switching to another type of pet food. But the best way to make sure if your pet is consuming the right type of pet food is to visit your best pet clinic London, ON.

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