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Examining Your Dog's Barking

Dogs bark to communicate. Some of your dog’s barking is welcome and necessary but sometimes it’s annoying and intrusive. You can start to control his inappropriate barking by understanding why he is barking. You probably want to know when people knock at your door or if there are intruders on your property. Thus barking to alert you is welcome. However, once you are alerted, you need your dog to stop barking. If your dog barks at every person or car by your home, he may be defending his territory. This barking needs to be curtailed. Your dog may bark to greet people or other dogs or while he is playing. Don’t worry if he barks for a short period of time. You need to act if he barks compulsively and repetitively and pace in your home or along a fence. Manage each barking type with praise or redirection rather than punishment. For more information, work with your veterinarian Hyattsville, MD.

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