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Ear Related Illnesses in Dogs

Did you know that dogs are prone to ear infections? If your dog has long ears or ears that often get tangled with hair, make sure you check them regularly and clean them with vet approved drops or wipes. Wax and debris from the environment can easily build up in a dog’s ears causing the ears to itch, ache, or develop infections. Look out for signs of possible ear related illnesses. For instance, your dog may shake his head a lot, scratch at his ears excessively, or even walk with a slight tilt to his head. This could all signal ear related illnesses. Other common signs of an actual ear infection include a crustiness or crusty build up around the outside of the ear and even oozing in and around the outside of the ear. You may also see blood in the ear canal. Call your vet Longview, TX right away.

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