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Do Cats like the Ragamuffin Need Dental Vet Visits?

Taking care of your cat’s health needs can be a big responsibility and it can be a big expense. It’s important to monitor your cat’s health and take her to the vet when needed. It’s also important not to skip out on the small things thinking that it can save money. For instance, cats like the Ragamuffin and all other feline breeds should have a dental visit with the vet at least once a year. It may seem like an unneeded expense, but routine dental care can help save in the long run because it will keep your cat’s teeth health and prevent your cat from developing dental related illnesses such as gingivitis and other gum diseases. Your cat and your wallet will thank you for taking this important step in preventive care. Speak with your veterinarian Lafayette, LA team and schedule a dental exam for your cat.

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