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Disadvantages of Feeding Your Cat Dry Food

Whether or not you feed your cat dry or wet food is entirely up to you. However, if you’re not sure which one to go with, give your vet a call and ask for advice. Your vet is familiar with your cat’s health history and eating habits and can help with your decision. Owners typically go with a dry food as its more cost effective and boasts numerous ingredients and nutrients. However, cats are often finicky eaters and have been known to turn away from a dry food sooner than wet food. Dry food is often too bland for some cats. It has also been known to be too hard as well. In addition, dry food contains no moisture. Cats in the wild are used to receiving 60 to 70% water content from their prey. To achieve this you would need to add water to the dry food. For more details, visit this website All Cats Care Center, or give your Webster, NY veterinarian a call.

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