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Cherry Eye in Burmese Cats

Cherry Eye is medically termed as “Prolapse of the Gland of the Third Eyelid”. It usually occurs during the first few years of life. The specific cause of the prolapse has not been fully established but some experts point to the weakening of the connective tissue surrounding the gland. As the connective tissue that keeps the gland in place weakens, the gland’s normal orientation is slowly altered. When this happens, the gland can become irritated and inflamed. As the gland swells, it gives off a clear or mucoid discharge. When proper medical treatment is not given, the third eyelid can become ulcerated and bloody, leading to the development of conjunctivitis.

The inflammatory process associated with Cherry Eye may be due to an infection caused by bacteria, parasite or fungi. Non-infectious causes may include cancer, traumatic injury, metabolic disease, problem of the immune system, or damage caused by exposure to the UV rays of the sun. Furthermore, Cherry Eye can be a congenital problem which is passed on from parents to offspring.

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