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Caring for your cat's coat

Your cat spends a lot of time with you so you’ve had a lot of chances to offer her care. How can you make sure you are giving her coat the care it needs?

Your pet needs you to help her keep her fur in top shape so it can protect her from the sun as well as the other elements. To do this, you will need to make sure you are there to brush her often. This will help remove shed fur that has yet to fall from her coat. She will need you to take the time to further look after her coat by check it over regularly. Remove any debris, dirt, and tangles you may find in order to help her stay comfortable. She may need you to wipe her down once in a while to keep her clean as well. Your local Tampa, FL vet can help you better understand your pet. To learn more, click this website Baycrest Animal Clinic.

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