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Can Gerbils Have Seizures?

Seizure activity or epilepsy in gerbils is fairly rare, but it is not uncommon. Many types of animals can be prone to seizures whether it’s rare or not. If you suspect that your gerbil has had a seizure, contact your vet right away. If you’re not sure, here are a few signs to look for: A change in behavior is one of the first signs of illness in gerbils. If your gerbil is lethargic or acting disoriented then he may have had a seizure. If your gerbil is having sudden and seemingly uncontrollable spasms then it could be seizure related. Seizures happen when neurons in the brain mis-communicate causing seizure or epileptic activity. This could be due to an injury, genetics, or even digesting something toxic. Always talk with your vet Winnipeg, Manitoba regarding your gerbil’s health and wellbeing. Your veterinarian can help diagnose and treat your gerbil.

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