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Can An Electronic Dog Collar Be Used As A Training Tool?

An electronic dog collar is programmed to correct problem behaviors even without the supervision of the owner. Thus, there are animal trainers and pets owners who use the electronic training collar to make sure that their pet’s training is not interrupted.

However, the electronic training collar is NOT a ‘must-have’ tool when training dogs. If you are thinking about getting one for your pet, it is recommended that you read up about the technology before buying one. You can also ask your Westminster, MD veterinarian about the use of an electronic training collar for your pet.

And if you think that the collar can do your pet a world of good, be sure to get one that fits your pet’s neck well. You should be able to fit your hand between the collar and the dog’s neck. When it’s loose, the collar can slide off easily. A collar that is too tight can irritated the dog’s neck, paving the way for infection and inflammation.

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