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Are You A "Go-Green" Advocate? - Here Are Simple Ways To "Go-Green" With Your Pet

Many people are now getting on the ‘go-green’ bandwagon by undertaking ways to reduce their carbon footprint in the environment. Since pets can also contribute a significant amount of carbon footprint, here are simple ways to go-green with your pet:

  • Re-use and recycle to keep waste out of waste disposal facilities and landfills. A common examples is using puppy pads that can be machine washed rather than buying disposable puppy pads. Choosing collars and leash made of organic fibers are also environmentally-sound than those that are made of synthetic materials.
  • Don’t throw away pet food containers. There are many ways that these containers can still be used for.
  • When buying pet supplies, choose those that use recyclable bags or those that are made from recycled materials.
  • If you are not keen on composting dog poop, use compostable poop bags instead of plastic bags when disposing of waste. There are also recycled paper bags that can be used for the purpose.

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