If you want your rabbit to stay away from your furniture and from chewing other valuable objects in your home, it will need to be provided with an unlimited hay supply, interesting toys, a grass mat, and cardboard boxes. It is simply in a rabbit’s nature to chew and dig and therefore resources must be available at all times in order for it to carry out these behaviours. Doing so will also keep its teeth and claws worn down. 

Occasionally you may need to trim your rabbit’s nails. No matter how well trained you think your rabbit is, do not tempt it by putting it near objects that it will surely destroy and that will upset you. Just keep these objects away to keep your belongings safe and for your peace of mind. Visit a vet in Lexington for more info on rabbit care.

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Ideally, it’s best not to transport your gerbils unless absolutely necessary. However, if you don’t have any other option, here are a few tips:

·         Ensure that food and water are available at all times. If it is a particularly long journey, bring extra portions and treats to make sure that your gerbils don’t go hungry.

·         If possible, transport them in their actual home. But if not, make the carrier tank as comfortable as possible for your gerbils.

·         If your gerbils are in a group, try not to separate them during the transport process to reduce the chances of them becoming aggressive towards one another upon being reintroduced.

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It’s important to have a hamster first aid kit on hand at all times as you never know what situation you may find your hamster in on any given day. One thing that you should have in your first aid kit is a syringe. Purchase syringes of different sizes so that you can use either for administering medication or to feed hamsters that may not be able to consume solid food.

These are also available for purchase at vet clinics, pet stores, and pharmacies. Tweezers are another important item to have in your hamster first aid kit for removing anything that shouldn’t be in your hamster’s body. You can also use it to untangle fur.

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One of the important and often overlooked reasons for losing puppies a few weeks after whelping is "nipple guarding". This behavior involves dominant pups guarding the best milk-producing nipples of their mother. Even if they are not nursing, some of these pups simply hang on to a nipple to stake their claim and to eliminate competition.

Puppies that are born healthy and die in the weeks following whelping are called "fading puppies". To protect puppies from this state of malnutrition, many breeders give milk supplement to the small pup, however, there is still no better substitute for a mother's milk.

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If your rabbits live indoors, they will definitely be safer as compared to outdoors since you won’t have to worry about predators or weather elements. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any possible dangers around. 

With this in mind, be on the lookout for wires and cables. Remember that besides the fact that these are sure to be chewed on and destroyed by your rabbits, they may also get electrocuted!. Visit veterinarians in Stockbridge for more info.

Potted plants should also be kept out of reach from your rabbits just in case they are poisonous for them. Also, you probably don’t want your decorative plants to have bite marks or holes all over them.

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A dog that is well-cared for should be able to behave as it normally would. One way to keep it healthy and behaving normally would be by keeping it fit. The intensity, frequency and amount of exercise that your dog requires are independent on its individual habits, general condition, and age. 

Some dogs will need a significant amount of exercise for each day all of their lives; while others will do just fine with a stroll in the park. It is a must that your dog learns how to be led on a leash. This will keep both your dog and the people that it encounters safe. If your dog goes to the toilet while it is outdoors, be sure to clean up after it.

One of the most effective ways to train your dog would be with the use of rewards. V ... Read more »

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If you are in the process of breeding gerbils, it’s absolutely crucial to your success that you do not make any changes to the breeding environment. This means that the quietness in the atmosphere should be maintained, the tank should not be cleaned, moved, and nothing should be added to or removed from the tank. The male gerbil should also not be removed as he will help the female with the pups.

The reason why nothing should be changed is because the mother will likely do everything she can to get the tank the way that it used to be and in the process neglect the pups. While it is OK to check on the pups twice or thrice a day, usually the parents will fare just fine on their own. Occasionally a pup may become separated from the nest. In this case you can put it back but be sure your hands have been washed with a gentle, unscented soap to prevent putting any foreign smells on the pup. ... Read more »
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What exactly is substrate? Substrate is the loose material that one lays on the ground of a tank or pond. Plenty of materials can be considered as substrate and these include sand, river rocks, aquarium gravel, and other special materials that can be found in pet stores. While this will provide your turtle with rummaging substance, it will also require you to clean your tank more frequently. Having said that, there is no problem as well with leaving substrate out if you feel that cleaning will be a burden. More tips on pet care by Menomonee Falls vet clinic.

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Feeding your rabbit a proper, balanced diet in a moderate amount is one of the keys to keeping it healthy; apart from a good environment and regular exercise.

If your rabbit is either overweight or underweight, be sure to feed it accordingly. You can consult with a qualified professional at a Racine veterinary hospital for advice

It is important to understand that rabbits have differing dietary needs that are dependent on their weight, lifestyle, overall health, and age. It is crucial not to feed your rabbit more food than it needs.

If ther ... Read more »

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First, you will need to locate a suitable male goat to mate with your goat. You will also have to consider how you will transport your goat to this male goat as no novice goat owner should look after an uncastrated male goat.

Secondly, it’s important to understand that a pregnant goat will have special needs such as a variation in its diet and specific vaccinations. Third, are you ready and do you have the means and resources to look after the kids? Sometimes complications can arise with the birthing process. In this case you will need to employ the assistance of an expert goat owner or veterinary surgeon. Visit a Liberty veterinarian  for more info.

Fourth, if you have male kids, you will have to invest in castrating and/or disbudding them if they are a horned breed. Disbudding needs to be performed before the goat is 11 days old.

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