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Introducing a new kitty to a resident dog is a process that can take time and effort; it does not occur overnight. The process tends to go well in dogs with adequate obedience training. It is necessary to keep a close eye on your pets as the new and the resident pet adjust and gets used to each other’s presence.

If your pooch has a hard time following obedience commands, or does not do it consistently, you should keep a tight rein on him for the first few days or weeks so you can easily correct any displays of aggression and animosity towards the new cat. It may be necessary to put your dog on a leash (at least 4 feet in length) so he won’t have the freedom to go after the cat. If he tries to lunge at the cat, command him to “sit” or “down”. And don’t forget to reinforce desired behaviors.

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Your cat is a great friend and you know that she needs you to be there for her when she gets stressed out. How can you help her when it’s time to head in for a visit with her veterinarian?

Your pet may be a bit nervous about her appointment because it calls for her to leave the place she calls home and head into unfamiliar territory. Your cat needs to see that you are comfortable in this situation so she can begin to understand that everything is under control. Talk to her in a soothing voice and offer her lots of attention whenever you can during this outing. Stay nearby to offer a sense of security and bring along a favorite belonging or two that will help her stay calm. Your Tampa, FL veterinarian can help you care for the pets in your home.

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Sharing your home with an older cat can be a wonderful experience. How can you make sure your pet is comfortable in your care?

Looking after a pet in her senior years means that you will need to be aware of any age-related changes that are happening in her life. Your pet may want to take part in activities she has enjoyed in the past only to find that they are much more difficult now. Take this into account and adjust your interactions as necessary. Make sure you are able to provide her with pet supply items that will keep her comfortable, like a bed that will support her joints and a food dish that is at an appropriate height for her. Consider her dietary needs as well, since these may be different in this new stage of life. Your local vet care Tampa, FL can offer additional suggestions.

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